Our CNC Vertical Machining Centers assure to achieve optimal performance
for all kinds of workpiece. DNR dema is offering longtime industry experiences to meet a wide range of operational needs from high-precision milling under all conditions for drilling, pocketing, boring, screw-cutting to tapping. Furthermore, ergonomical Lcd screen panel with CNC controlling simplifies manual programming and data entry for the machines.

  • Custom made double nut screws with high precision and no backlash
  • Fast and smooth automatic tool changer system
  • Direct drive coupling spindles with high accuracy and rigidity
  • High Precision, economical and linear motion
  • Effective and smooth motion on linear guide rails or box way rails
  • Excellent accuracy of positioning and high-precision for repetitiveness
  • Meehanite casting with annealed & stress relieved
  • Ensuring quiet, stable and accurate cutting