Akyapak AHK 3-Roll Plate bending machines can be chosen in different capacities in our product range: these machines can bend 2 – 200 mm plate thickness in 500 – 12000 mm width.

AHK offers reasonable and reliable solutions with the torque it provides without power loss. AHK meets your needs.

In AHK 3-Roll Plate Rolling Machines, every 3 rolls are independently-driven with the reducers and hydraulic motors in the models with a roll diameter of 230mm and over, and in the models with a roll diameter of less than 230mm, the side rolls are driven by a hydraulic motor, reducer + gear and the upper roll is driven by means of chain gear.

Akyapak AHK 3-roll plate rolls allow pre-bending on both sides of the machine without removing the plate. It guarantees excellent feeding by preventing the risk of sliding thanks to the braking system it provides.