Since its foundation, SM Tech Ltd deals with the distribution of new and used metal industry machinery. Our main branches: sheet technology, cutting technology, welding technology and press technology.

These products are competitive on every continent and the major markets, and are sought-after thanks to their good value.

We endevour to facilitate the purchase of these machines with favourable leasing terms and helping with writing of tenders for various grants.

Our experienced domestic service crew are continuously improving their abilities to handle any challenge. They take care of the installation, maintenance and servicing of the machinery we sell.

Our colleagues are at your service with reliable, flexible administration.

” When a new machine tool ordered by a partner arrives, I always like to be there in person, to see the pride and joy on our partner’s face live.

I always have the feeling that a new machine tool opens a new chapter in the history of a business. It is a good feeling to develop together with our customers and to develop mutually beneficial agreements.

Because of these moments, it is worth working for the satisfaction of our customers every day. “

Tamas Hederics, CEO and owner

SMTech Ltd. was created by the dynamically developing need for technological development in the metalworking industry and the ever increasing quality requirements of the supplier industry.

SMTech’s primary goal is to act as a link between manufacturers of the latest technology solutions and manufacturing companies using these technologies. With our work we aim to meet your existing investment needs with the best quality technology solutions.

We believe that our dynamic and flexible work contributes to your success.

Our mission is to quickly, accurately and flexibly serve the machine tool, service and spare parts needs of our Hungarian partners.

” So far we have ordered 3 machines from Sheet Metal Technology Ltd. We chose them because they provided us with world-class technology at a good value for money. They provided a complex service and took over most of the administrative burdens of tender writing.

In all three cases, the agreed delivery times were met, and we were kept informed of the production and delivery phases. Service and parts service was fast and flexible, whether it was about ordering an accessory or software upgrade. Their technical and setup support for our new machines quickly and efficiently supported our production. ”

Mr. Norbert Gacza owner, Ferró Trió Bt. Gerenda Str. 3. Veszprém, 8200

217 sold machines, several hundred satisfied customer, more than 10 years experience.